I don’t know if you guys are still checking this, but if you guys are:

I’ve been spending my days re-reading them posts like it were my Lit texts and not doing my work; even though I probably should be deleting it. 

…which I would but…a part of me feels like I want to keep it because they feel slightly important to me and I feel like I want to read them in the future??

So uh my question is, should I keep it? or should I just delete it. 

Cause honestly I’m not getting anything out of it besides the accelerated passing of time. Which is not appreciated right now. 

Nevermind. They probably have little sentimental quality. Away you go to the internet trash bin of never-existedness. 

I’m writing this as a safety precaution, but here goes:

To the people who those posts were not addressed to, I can only beg that you respect the privacy of both me, and the group of people it was addressed to. The idea of explaining myself to these people through blog was a very unconventional one (as I do), and I went ahead anyway, knowing that there were ways that things could get out. 

In my defence, I did this because I figured that there were little risk, because well, few in school know about Esmé* and her doings. But I may have been acquainted with some bitchy people, who might know of this blog, and so comes the risk. 

I can only ask for y’all to leave them the fuck alone, as you will with me, because I really respect what these group of people do, and I will burn the bitch who messes with them because of this. 

Do also know, wonderful people, that there should be little worry about anything horrible staying on the internet. I may or may not be experienced in the way of hiding your internet footprint. 

Anyway, yeah. Please don’t spread this around. Bullshit like this shouldn’t be used to hold anyone accountable for anything, and isn’t something anyone should use to judge the characters of anyone I mention. 

I’ve taken down everything, and changed my URL, because there’s no need to continue the conversation. 


*: Esmé is my internet pseudonym.